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  The Micrographia Tutorials.

These tutorials cover basic and advanced aspects of using the light microscope as well as detailed accounts of the various special illumination methods, specimen preparation techniques and methods of recording microscopic images which concern both novice and experienced users of the instrument.

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Most Recent Material  How to Use the Microscope: Basic Tutorial.

This set of instructions assumes the ownership (or custodianship) of a laboratory-grade optical microscope, and the desire on the part of its user to ensure that it is properly set up.
Beginners should also follow these basic instructions as they involve a minimum of theory and represent a concise checklist of things to do in setting up the microscope before each session.

The tutorial is in nine parts:
  1. Introduction: Types of microscope stand.
  2. Component parts of the microscope.
  3. Image-forming light paths through the Köhler-illuminated microscope.
  4. Setting up Köhler illumination.
  5. The specimen.
  6. Numerical Aperture (N.A.)
  7. The oil immersion objective.
  8. Errors of adjustment: how to recognize and remedy them.
  9. Settings for comfortable microscopy.

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