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Microscopy Suppliers.
Dealers in Microscopes and Accessories.
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About this List of Suppliers.

This list includes manufacturers and dealers in microscopes as well as those involved in the supply of accessory equipment, chemicals, reagents and instruments used in the collection of specimens and their preparation for microscopical examination. More will be added as they become known.

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External Website Carl Zeiss.
Microscope Division.

External Website Leica.
Leica Microsystems.

External Website Nikon.
Nikon Inc.

External Website Olympus.

The main website for Olympus with links to their microscope divisions.

External Website Russian Microscopes and Optics.
There are a number of dealerships for microscope equipment of Russian manufacture. This equipment represents a very satisfactory combination of low cost and good quality, and is recommended for both beginners and experienced microscopists requiring equipment which can be modified and adapted to special purposes at minimal expense.

Here is a link to a north American supplier of Biolam microscopes.
Here is another in the UK:
Others links will follow as suppliers are located.