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Articles and Essays on Microscopy.
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  The Current Articles.

Articles appearing in this section will be for the most part generated within Micrographia. It is intended that they relate to any issue of interest to microscopists, microbiologists, and those concerned with the wider issues of ecological relationships.
Contributions from visitors are welcomed, and will be published in these pages if it is felt that they would be of interest to other Micrographia visitors.
Over time, the articles will be grouped according to subject matter and will be accessible from the Archive pages.

Do not link to this page, as it changes from time to time. Link instead to the particular article, which can always be found in the archive.

A double green bullet   Most Recent Material  indicates the most recently uploaded material.

Most Recent Material  The Microscopy of Inkjet Printing.

Have you ever wondered why different kinds of paper produce such different results when used in colour inkjet printers? -- even with the same printer and image file? This article takes a microscopic look at both the technology and its results.

  The Ideal Microscope Lamp.

About as far from realization as the perfect mousetrap, the ideal Köhler lamp and the compromises which must be made in the real world between conflicting requirements are discussed in this article. An actual lamp design is illustrated, along with its advantages and disadvantages in use.

  Videomicrography in the Field.

Normally an elaborate business best carried out in a well equipped lab, this article describes how videomicrography (of a kind) can now be conducted in the field with low cost, pocket-sized, battery-operated equipment connected to a notebook computer.

  The MSC Camera.

The discussion of a design concept for a multi - CCD digital camera which would enable greatly increased depth of focus when applied to the light microscope. Patent searches have revealed that key elements of its construction are contained within patents held by major camera manufacturers, who, as far as is known, have made no move to exploit or develop their intellectual property.
A case is made to persuade those companies, or other companies, to develop the MSC camera for the clear advantages it would represent to light microscopists.

  Photomicrography using Electronic Flash.

Electronic flash is a well established light source in normal photography, and the advantages it offers are of particular benefit to photomicrography.
This article discusses the points to be considered in adapting electronic flash to the light microscope, and gives practical advice to those wishing to construct their own apparatus.

  Some Microscopic Inhabitants of Homebush Bay, Sydney.

Homebush Bay is a shallow inlet off the upper reaches of Sydney Harbour, and its marshy shores, with extensive growths of mangroves, is the location from which the samples containing these creatures were obtained.
A vistor to the page has kindly identified the ciliate with the obtuse-angled lorica as Folliculina, and the crustacean is a "pill bug", closely related to the common (terrestrial) wood louse.

  More Articles in Preparation.