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Web Resources for Microscopy.
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  Links to Web Resources.

The main criterion for inclusion in this list is the relevance of the linked site to the microscopical examination of living creatures. This means effectively those sites dealing with light microscopy; but when the content is of particular interest or excellence, those dealing with electron microscopy and other topics are also included. A brief appraisal of the site content is given. If visitors wish to comment, or suggest other sites of interest, they should feel free to use the email link at the foot of the page.
There will also be some links to sites dealing with different kinds of microscopic organism to assist the visitor who is trying to identify creatures seen under the microscope.

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  Microscopical Societies.

External Website Royal Microscopical Society.

The first and therefore longest established microscopical society. This site will tell you when and where in the world the seminars and conferences are being held for the vast number of disciplines requiring the use of some variety of microscope. Has a good list of links to other sites of interest to microscopists.

External Website Microscopy Society of America.

Apart from information on the Society's activities, has links to a good variety of microscopy-related resources.

  Microscopy and Technique.

Broken links are in the process of being re-established.

  Biological Resources.

Most Recent Material   External Website Wim van Egmond.

Wim is building an ever-expanding collection of excellent micrographs of specimens encountered in his collectings in both freshwater and marine environments.
This is his home site, which contains links to his contributions to Micscape online magazine, including his new project, the External Website Micropolitan Museum.

External Website Cells Alive.

In spite of the site name, little imagery of live creatures on this site. Many of the specimens prepared for (mostly) scanning electron microscopy are excellent.

  General Microscopy.

External Website Microscopy UK.

One of the most consistently interesting and well-maintained websites for the microscopist. Aimed principally at the non-professional, the articles and micrographs are of a sufficiently high standard to satisfy the experienced microscopist, whilst remaining accessible to young people and those new to the subject.
Younger visitors are specially catered for in a number of the subsites.
Well worth a visit -- it will probably be the first of many.

  General Biology.

External Website The Secret Garden.

A quietly absorbing site for those who find plant structure and flower structure in particular fascinating. The images shown are x-ray pictures of flowers, and are much better seen than described. Highly recommended.